Paramount Gold is committed to being the Partner of Choice by communities, and regional and national stakeholders. This means building and maintaining a strong reputation based on environmental stewardship and cultivating societal success, while helping to advance the industry in innovation and improved sustainability performance. Likewise, we aim to carve out precedent-setting pathways to success in new mining jurisdictions.


Our overarching environmental goal is to achieve the smallest physical imprint when we close a mine.  We see it as our responsibility to be respectful of the local environment, to use the land carefully, and to leave it as close to the way we found it as possible. 


We see ourselves as citizens in the communities in which we work by actively participating in local economic development in a long-lasting, meaningful way.  Therefore, we aim to make our operations a sustainable and profitable venture for the region and the local communities.


We care about how the local communities, our stakeholders, and our families see us.  We want to be proud of what we do.  This means going beyond ‘do no harm’ through strong governance practices that will guide our actions towards environmental stewardship and responsible corporate citizenship. Being consistent in strong governance practices enables us to be stewards of the local environmental, contribute to societal success, and strengthen equity outperformance.  

Paramount Gold Nevada Sustainability Framework

In 2020, Paramount initiated a plan to develop the Company’s sustainability program. The process began with a comprehensive baseline study of our current state, followed by extensive outreach to our external stakeholders. Then, we put Paramount’s leadership team of executives and board members to work through an engagement process that captured their views and priorities for the business and in relation to sustainability.  The result of these efforts is Paramount’s Sustainability Framework, which defines our sustainability commitments via our Sustainability Policy and articulates our Priority ESG Topics for which we are developing practical processes to achieve real outcomes.

Our Sustainability Journey

Paramount continues to undergo permitting approval processes for Grassy Mountain Gold, and we continue to strengthen our positioning through land acquisitions with Sleeper Gold.  While doing so, we maintain a strong commitment to sustainability.  

Permitting Registry

Sustainability is an ongoing process for Paramount, integrated into the way we do business. Our journey builds on the Sustainability Framework with development of the Company’s corporate level Sustainability Strategy, sustainability programs and processes, and initiating Paramount’s sustainability reporting and disclosure practice in 2022.